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Spousal support or alimony is the issue of a spouse providing monetary or economic support to their former spouse. In New Jersey, there is no clear formula to determining the amount of spousal support that a party is entitled to from their former spouse. To protect your rights and assets, you need the more than 40 years of experience Jeffrey S Karl provides. Get a FREE initial phone consultation from us today!

Alimony can be awarded to a husband or wife for any number of reasons. Qualifications for alimony typically include their age, their ability to earn income, the disparity in income between the two parties, and of course, the length of their marriage. Our practice strives to provide the fairest result for my clients as quickly as possible.

  • Limited-term (temporary) — Payments are made for a fixed period of time during the divorce process.

  • Open Durational — Payments continue indefinitely until the recipient or payer passes away or there is a change in circumstances such as retirement or disability of the payer.

  • Rehabilitative — Payments continue until the recipient is able to support him or herself.


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